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Oottupura Sadya for Sunday 4th July

1. Uppu ( salt ) – This is used to balance individual flavors.
2. Naranga Achar( lemon pickle ) – Pickle is added as an accompaniment to rice. Often after having the payasam in the end, a dot of pickle on the tongue balances the sweet flavor of the payasams.
3. Kanni Manga Achar ( tender mango pickle) – A homemade raw mango pickle used as an accompaniment.
4. Inji Pulli – The perfect balance of sweet, spicy, sharp and sour. Puli Inji is considered as a digestive item in an Vishu Kani Sadya.
5. Kaya Varatha ( banana chips ) – Raw banana chips that add crunch and munch to the sadya.
6. Sarkkara varatiyattu ( plantains in jaggery chips ) – Raw banana and jaggery chips which add sweetness, crunch and munch to a sadya.
7. Kalan ( contains dairy – yogurt ) – Yogurt and coconut based gravy that helps in enhancing the taste of a sadya.
8. Matanga Payar Erisherry( pumpkin and cow pea) – ​​Cow pea, pumpkin and raw banana cooked in a flavorful coconut gravy.
9. Avial ( contains dairy – yogurt ) – No sadya is complete without this medley of vegetables and grated coconut mix.
10. Beans mezhukupuratti ( french beans stir fry ) – A light stir fry of beans with minimal spices and oil to cook.
11. Beetroot thoran ( beetroot stir fry) – Cubed beetroot stir fried with freshly grated coconut and spices.
12. Vendakka khichadi ( contains dairy yogurt ) – Yogurt based dishes are popular in a sadya. Fresh cow milk Yogurt, grated coconut and mustard garnished with deep-fried crunchy okras.
13. Mambazha pullisherry contains (dairy – yogurt ) – One of the highlights of the season . The mangoes used are the small variety of chandrakkaran mangoes which have been specially sourced from Kerala . One cannot miss this specialty.
14. Vellerika pachadi ( contains dairy yogurt ) – Orange Madras cucumber and coconut in a mustard spiked yogurt gravy. More like a raita.
15. Pazham (Banana) – Banana is often a part of the sadya and eaten at the end of a meal.
16. Pappadam – Traditional rice pappadams sourced from Guruvayur. No sadya is complete without pappadam.
17. Red rice – Served hot in the centre of a sadya.
18. Ghee – A spoonful in the dal is the best combination.
19. Sambar – Freshly ground sambar powder and roasted coconut are used in this distinctive Kerala-style sambar.
20. Tomato Rasam – Comforting and homey Rasam, perfect for season changes.
21. Sambaram ( contains dairy- yogurt ) – Buttermilk spiced with spices that aid digestion.
22. Pal Ada Payasam ( contains dairy – milk ) – The Ada is a rice flour batter rolled out on banana leaf like pasta, steamed and then cut into squares. Cooked in rich organic cow milk. 
23. Neiappam – Crispy on the edges and soft in the centre, these are something one cannot miss out . Oottupura Neiappams are made with marayoor jaggery and cardamoms sourced from Munnar . Neiappams feature as an important part of the Sadya.

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