Palahaaram for Wednesday 3rd February

Nei appam
A very popular tea time delicacy as well as an offering in the temples . Neiappams are fermented for long hours to achieve a soft puffed texture . Crispy on the edges and soft in the centre, these are something one cannot miss out . Oottupura Neiappams are made with marayoor jaggery and cardamoms sourced from Munnar.

Parippu vada
An all time favorite tea time snack , it’s a popular one at home as well the tea shops of Kerala . Savoury and a nice winter snack when had it a hot cups tea . Served with a nice chutney on the side.

A specialty of the Malabar , this is made out of green moong and jaggery. This is another palahaaram that’s popular in the small tea shops of Thalassery.

Sulaimani chaya
A small pouch of a spice blend used to make a no-milk tea, typically consumed in Kerala after a heavy meal. Included also is the recipe which is believed to have been brought to the Malabar coast by Arab traders.