Plum Cake 1Kg


Out of stock


1. The Oottupura plum cake is a pre ordered booking.
2. We are taking orders for 35 cakes.
3. Maximum two cakes per person could be ordered.
4. Orders will be confirmed only upon payment. No cancellations possible once the order has been placed.
5. Oottupura will not be undertaking delivery. Clients will have to make arrangements through we fast or their personal services to get the cake picked up .
6. The weight of the cake is 1 kg.
7. You will find the handling instructions for the cake in the tag card which come along with the cakes. Kindly read it closely.
8. Please check your e-mail after booking for confirmation details. If you haven’t received mail kindly don’t worry. our team will send you confirmation on WhatsApp once booking is closed.
9. The cake has been baked with a lot of joy, warmth and care.

Enjoy !