Inji Pulli


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Inji pulli or Pulli Inji is a versatile relish of a Keralite home . This Inji pulli recipe is what I have seen my grandmother make. Cooked for hours in a kalchatti, this relish has vallan pulli and marayoor jaggery from Kerala. After the relish is cooked, it is kept overnight in a kalchatti , covered with a smoked banana leaf that is secured with banana fiber string . This ensures that the flavors seep in well.

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Terms and Conditions:

1. Oottupura inji pulli is available only on pre order.

2. We are serving 20 pieces.

3. Orders confirmed only upon payment. No cancellations possible once the order has been placed.

4. Oottupura will not be undertaking meal delivery . Clients will have to make arrangements through we fast or their personal services to get the meal picked up .

5. Each jar weighs approximately 1 kg. Hence if the client is availing we fast services, kindly mention the weight on the order form so as they are prepared to pick the delivery accordingly. If the client is ordering more than one jar , please provide instructions accordingly to the delivery service . We do not want the jars mishandled by the services .

6. It is advisable to store the condiments in the refrigerator so as to keep it fresh for a longer period of time .

7. Please read the instructions to handling the condiments . It is provided on a tag .

8. Please check your e-mail after booking for confirmation details. We will also be sending a wats app message .

9. Each Person can order maximum 2 bottles each of inji pulli.

10. The Pick up time for the condiment is between 2 pm to 3 pm on Saturday.