Festive Menu


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1. The festive menu is a pre ordered booked meal
2. We are serving 45 meals .
3. Orders confirmed only upon payment. No cancellations possible once the order has been placed.
4. Oottupura will not be undertaking meal delivery . Clients will have to make arrangements through we fast or their personal services to get the meal picked up .
5. Each box weighs approximately 3.5 to 4 kgs . Hence if the client is availing we fast services, kindly mention the weight on the order form so as they are prepared to pick the delivery accordingly. We do not want the meal mishandled by the services .
6. The meal has been prepared for lunch as such please consume it soon after it has been delivered. There are items that include coconut/ dairy and as such may spoil if kept for long.
7. We are serving only Red Rice for the festive menu .
8. Please check your e-mail after booking for confirmation details.
9. Each Person can order maximum 4 meals.