Pothi Choru

Pothi Choru for Sunday 27th September

Kuruva Red Rice
Short grained, semi-polished parboiled red rice from Thrissur district in Kerala- a great accompaniment with Kerala-style curries and preparations

Muringayila Parippu Curry
A classic combination of drumstick leaves with Tur dal cooked in a freshly ground coconut paste.

Vazha Koombu Thoran
Banana flower thoran is one of the popular ones from Kerala. Healthy and nourishing.

Beet Root Thoran
Fresh beet roots diced and cooked with a mild seasoning and grated coconut.

Cherupayar Paccha Kaya Erisherry
Green moong and raw banana is a delicious combination . The Erisherry is cooked on slow flame to retain its texture.

Thenga Chammandi
Chammandi is a great combination with Pothi choru. This chammandi is coarsely ground on a silbatta for maximum flavor.

Bilimbi Achar
One of my grandmothers favorites. The bilimbi is sun dried and pickled after a few weeks.

Traditional urad dal pappadams sourced from Guruvayur. No meal is complete without this.

Pazham Pradaman (contains dairy- ghee)
Two textures of plantains in a coconut-milk and jaggery based payasam. The plantains are cooked and made into a rich indulgent consistency. A hot favorite among Keralites.