Oottupura Meal

Oottupura for Sunday 16th August

Thondi Red rice
Thondi is a bold grained, semi-polished, parboiled rice from the hills of Wayanad. Revived from oblivion by committed farmers, Thondi is known for its versatility, taste, and ability to satiate hunger.

Freshly ground sambar powder and roasted coconut are used in this distinctive Kerala-style sambar.

Avial (contains dairy- yoghurt)
A coconut& curd-based dish with a medley of vegetables such as yam, raw banana, drumsticks and carrots. Avial is an integral part of the iconic Kerala sadya.

Vellerika Pacchadi (contains dairy- yoghurt)
A Kerala-style raita, orange-cucumber in a mustard-spiked yoghurt base.

A classic recipe made with freshly extracted coconut-milk, cow pea and ash gourd. A light delicacy typically served in a sadya.

Achinga Payar Mezhukupuratiyu
Long-bean stir fry fragrant with ginger and curry leaves.

Kurumulakku Rasam (Pepper Rasam)
Comforting and homey Rasam . Tastes delicious and the perfect one while the season changes.

Naranga Achar
A tangy Keralite pickle made with lemons and sesame oil- the best condiment.

Traditional urad dal pappadams sourced from Guruvayur. No meal is complete without pappadam.

Semiya Payasam ( contains dairy – milk )
A kerala style vermicelli payasam slow cooked in milk and fragrant spices.