Oottupura for Sunday 24th October

Red Rice
Semi-polished parboiled red rice from Wyanad district in Kerala- a great accompaniment with Kerala-style curries and preparations.

Naadan Sambar
Freshly ground sambar powder and roasted coconut are used in this distinctive Kerala-style sambar. A medley of vegetables in the sambar renders a fresh flavor to the sambar.

Kumbalanga Moru curry (Contains Dairy – Yoghurt)
Moru curry is a yoghurt-based coconut curry that is very popular in Kerala. The Ash Gourd in combination with the sour yoghurt is delicious.

Matanga Payar Erisherry
Cow pea, pumpkin and raw banana cooked in a flavorful coconut gravy.

Pacchakaya Mezhukupuratti
Raw banana stir fried and cooked in a subtle masala and seasoned gently.

Chutta aracha mulakku chammandi
Roasted whole red chilies ground with coconut to impart a smoky flavor to this dry chutney.

Inji Pulli
A sweet and spicy relish made with ginger, tamarind, green chilies and jaggery.

Traditional urad dal pappadams sourced from Guruvayur. No meal is complete without pappadam.

Comforting and homey Rasam. Tastes delicious and the perfect one while the season changes.

Semiya Payasam (contains dairy – milk)
Vermicelli Payasam is a simple yet festive delicacy. The roasted nuts and cardamom renders a lovely flavor.

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