Oonu This Week

OONU for Wednesday 17th September, 2023

Matta Red Rice
Locally sourced from farmers of Palakkad , the red Matta rice is the best combination with a traditional meal.

Traditional Sambar
Freshly ground sambar powder and roasted coconut are used in this distinctive Kerala-style sambar. The vegetables in the sambar renders flavor and body to the sambar.

Avial (contains dairy- yoghurt) 360 ml
A coconut& curd-based dish with a medley of vegetables such as yam, raw banana, drumsticks and carrots. Avial is an integral part of the iconic Kerala sadya.

Vellerika Pacchadi ( contains dairy- yoghurt)
Orange Madras cucumber and coconut in a mustard spiked yoghurt gravy. More like a raita.

Beetroot Thoran ( beet root stir fry)
A mildly spiced dish made with beet roots having sweet notes from the beet roots and freshly grated coconut.

Kerala style buttermilk.

Traditional coconut and red chilli chutney pounded on a stone mortar and pestle.

Guruvayur Pappadams made locally in kerala.

Pal Payasam
Traditional milk based payasam which is served in the temples of kerala.