Oonu This Week

OONU for Sunday 3rd December, 2023

Matta Red Rice
Locally sourced from farmers of Palakkad, the red Matta rice is the best combination with a traditional meal.

Traditional Sambar
Freshly ground sambar powder and roasted coconut are used in this distinctive Kerala-style sambar. The vegetables in the sambar renders flavor and body to the sambar.

Avial (contains dairy- yoghurt) 360 ml
A coconut & curd-based dish with a medley of vegetables such as yam, raw banana, drumsticks and carrots. Avial is an integral part of the iconic Kerala sadya.

Pineapple Vellerika Pullisherry (Contains Dairy – Yoghurt)
A beautiful combination of pineapple curry in tempered youghurt.

Vanpayar Matanga Erissery
Cow pea and Pumpkin cubes cooked and stir fried in coconut mix and seasoned in freshly milled coconut oil. Two different coconut textures is the highlight of this iconic dish

Achinga Payar Mezhukupuratti (Long Yard Bean Sautéed)
Long yard been stir fried and sautéed in spices and coconut oil to make a delicious stir fry.

Pulinkari, as the name implies, is a tasty and tangy curry for rice, made using Puli or tamarind with vegetables and coconut. Here we have added red pumpkin to get a robust flavour and texture.

Inji Pulli
A traditional homemade relish made with tamarind, ginger and jaggery.

Sambaram (Buttermilk)
Having a cooling buttermilk is a customary practice in South Indian cuisine. Helps acidity and digestion.

Guruvayur Pappadams that add so much energy to the meal.

Nei Payasam
Nei translates to Ghee or cultured butter. Nei Payasam is a delectable rice and jaggery dessert loaded with ghee.