Oottupura Festive Menu for Sunday 29th November

Aarambham (Beginning)

Idiappams / Nool puttu
String hoppers made from home made blend of fresh flours and steamed on banana leaves.

Vegetable Stew
A medley of farm vegetables cooked in freshly extracted coconut milk and spices.


Red Rice
A popular, improved red-rice variety grown in the Palakkad district, Kerala. This rice is paired best with curries and enhances the meal experience.

Freshly ground sambar powder and roasted coconut are used in this distinctive Kerala-style sambar.

Avial – (contains dairy-yoghurt)
No sadya is complete without this medley of vegetables and grated coconut mix.

Kuttu Curry
A unique dish in which coconut is used as oil, freshly grated paste and roasted coconut. Made with Bengal gram, yam and raw banana this is an integral part of a meal.

Kalan – (contains dairy- yogurt)
Yogurt and coconut based gravy that helps in enhancing the taste of a meal.

Beans carrot Thoran 
Crunchy and cooked with no spices except the light seasoning and the sweetness of fresh carrots.

Vendakka Kichadi – (contains dairy- yogurt)
Yogurt based dishes are popular in a sadya. Fresh cow milk yogurt, grated coconut and mustard garnished with deep-fried crunchy okras.

Pineapple Pullisherry – (contains dairy- yogurt)
A yogurt based dish made with coconut and yogurt with the goodness of sweet pineapples.

Vellerika Pacchadi- (contains dairy- yogurt)
Orange Madras cucumber and coconut in a mustard spiked yogurt gravy. More like a raita.

Thottukootal (Accompaniments)

Naranga Achar(Lemon Pickle)
Pickle is added as an accompaniment to rice. Often after having the payasam in the end, a dot of pickle on the tongue balances the sweet flavor of the payasams.

Carrot Achar (Carrot Pickle)
Another classic pickle from my grandmother’s kitchen. Fresh carrots and dates fermented in coconut vinegar.

Inji Puli ( Ginger relish )
The perfect balance of sweet, spicy, sharp and sour. Puli Inji is considered as a digestive item in a meal.

Kondattam (curd chillies)
Home made curd chillies soaked in curd and spices and sun dried.

Pepper Rasam
Comforting and homey Rasam, perfect for seasonal changes.

Madhuram (Dessert)

Pal Ada Payasam (contains dairy- ghee & milk)
The Ada is a rice flour batter rolled out on banana leaf like pasta, steamed and then cut into squares. Cooked in rich organic cow milk.

Nei Appams
Warm , deep brown , crispy edged rice fritters that is made with marayoor jaggery and freshly ground rice flour . This is a specialty sweet made during festivals.