What will the Oottupura meal be?

Each Oottupura meal is vegetarian and is reflective of a traditional home-style Keralite meal, where each component adds everything from taste/ texture/ nutrition that goes towards making a satisfying meal. These are not courses, as understood in the continental scheme of eating. They are all served together, and eaten in as many different combinations as eaters can dream of!

Other than being vegetarian, the meals use no onion or garlic. While most components are vegan, the few items that contain dairy (ghee/ yoghurt/ milk) will be indicated. All the masalas (turmeric, chilli powder, sambar powder, etc.) are home-made/ ground. Only freshly extracted coconut milk is used, no canned products go into the making of wholesome food. Each meal is personally prepared by Chef Marina Balakrishnan herself, ensuring excellent quality, cleanliness and hygiene are maintained. The food is cooked with the spiritual energy of healing and nourishment.

Menu and Date of Next Booking will be Updated Soon…