Andhra Vantalu

Andhra Vantalu for Sunday 11th June, 2023

Annam (Rice)
Steamed rice.

Menthi Kura Pappu (Methi Dal)
A methi dal made in Andhra style.

Bendakaya Palli Vepudu (Okra Peanut Fry)
An Andhra style Okra fry using roasted peanuts and fresh okra.

Mamidikaya Pulusu (Andhra Raw Mango Curry)
Pulusu is a classic Andhra style sour stew that is usually made with tamarind, vegetables and spices. Mamidikaya Pulusu is an Andhra style sweet and sour stew made with seasonal raw mangoes.

Vankaya Fry (Eggplant Fry)
Eggplant slices fried in a home made masala.

Beerakaya Pachadi (Ridgegourd Chutney)
Beerakaya pachadi is ridge gourd chutney, one of the most popular chutneys.

Majjiga (Buttermilk)
Buttermilk to wash down the spices.

Avakaya (Andhra Raw Mango Pickle)
This pickle is a popular pickle variety from the Andhra cuisine. This particular one is a non garlic version made in the family.

Pootharekulu (Andhra Sweet)
This is a popular sweet from Andhra. The sweet is wrapped in a wafer-thin rice starch layer resembling paper and is stuffed with sugar, dry fruits and nuts. This sweet is sourced from Andhra for the Oottupura Oonu.

Sourced from local homes of Guruvayur.