OONU for Sunday 28th May, 2023

Thayir Saadam ( Curd rice) contains dairy- yoghurt
One of the best meals in summer is the cooling curd rice.

Potato Mezhukupuratti (potato stir fry)
Potato mezhukkupuratti or potato upperi is South Indian Kerala style stir fried potatoes in spices! Potato mezhukkukkupuratti or urulai Kizhang tastes the best when it is made homey and spicy. Best to pair with a curd rice

Kovakka mezhukupuratti (Ivy gourd stir fry)
Ivy gourd fried in home made spices.

Cherupayar curry (kerala green moong curry)
A dish from back home made frequently. Mild and easy for the summer.

Pavakka theeyal (bittergourd curry)
Pavakka Theeyal is a delicious everyday gravy made from Bittergourd. The texture is absolutely relishing for a summer menu.

Manga Inji Chammandi (mango ginger chutney)
Mango ginger made into a cooling Chammandi. Works well with the curd rice.

Kondattam (curd chillies)
Curd chillies that are fried to relish the thayir saadam. It completes the menu.

Pal ada Payasam (dessert) contains dairy milk
A rice pasta based payasam made with thick milk and sugar. Light and easy for the summer.

Sambaram (Contains dairy – yogurt)
Buttermilk spiced with spices that aid digestion.