Oottupura in Malayalam means eating place and is often used to describe not just a restaurant, but any space that serves the traditional home-style Keralite meal. So, welcome to my Oottupura- your very own dining experience from the Malabar to Mumbai.


The Oottupura is a symbol of community since it’s a gathering of people sharing in some delicious food. During these times of social distancing, Oottupura is an endeavour to recreate the warmth of the Keralite dining experience within the confines of your home.

The meals are vegetarian, focusing on seasonal and carefully sourced ingredients. To maintain the integrity of flavours and food properties, key ingredients are procured from Kerala. Ancient heirloom red rice like Navara, peppercorns sourced from Thalaserry, jaggery from Marayur, cardamom from Munnar, and Malabar tamarind from Kochi will be used.

The focus is on using fresh ingredients- nothing packaged or pre-prepared is used. The coconut milk is freshly extracted, the curd is freshly set everyday using organic cow milk. It goes without saying-the utmost standards of hygiene and care are maintained.

Food has the energy to heal, and in combining Ayurvedic principles with traditional ingredients and flavours, I’m hoping that this experience can create a sense of comfort and nourishment during these times.